Featured Garden:

A Memorial Garden, Healing Garden & Educational Opportunity – with Curb Appeal

This multi-purpose specialty garden is an example of ‘small-space’ gardening at its finest. At just 580 sq. ft., it serves as a memorial garden, a healing garden, an educational opportunity, and a boost of curb appeal.

The memorial garden aspect of this space honors the memory of our client’s beloved family pet, Daisy. A variety of daisies and plants resembling daisies were chosen for the area.

The area was also designed to provide a calming place for rejuvenation and meditation, to calm, soothe and restore. We partnered with our client in her desire for freedom of expression, including leaving spaces for her garden art and the houseplants that are brought outside in the summer.

As a retired schoolteacher, our client also appreciates the garden as a learning opportunity for herself, her grandchildren, and the neighborhood. Adding edible plants into this colorful front yard garden provides a harvest opportunity, as well. All the plants in this garden matured more rapidly than normal. We believe this is another example of the people-plant (or in this case – pet) connection at work.