A creative group of planetary stewards and landscape-storytellers

Our horticulturally balanced team including designers, crew leads, landscape technicians and administrative staff are unified by their collective passion for people and plants. We each have unique strengths and skill sets that allow us to co-create beautiful solutions for a greener planet.

Our guiding values

  • Horticultural Passion: A primal fascination with plants and ecology is paramount to achieving our mission. This is our keystone value.
  • Ambition & Dedication: Our commitment to exceed expectations is upheld by our unwavering efforts towards accomplishing excellence. We believe that anything worth doing is worth doing well.
  • Teamwork: We promote synergy among our team in a concerted effort to achieve collective goals. Together, we can accomplish much more than alone.
  • Care: We operate with a great deal of mindfulness and intention. Being conscious of our processes and impact helps us to make effectual decisions.
  • Positivity: We approach every situation with an affirmative and optimistic outlook. It is our belief that this is the most constructive way to create change.
  • Flexibility: Our ability to adapt—both as individuals and as a business—is deeply rooted in our biological connection with nature. We strive to be dynamic in order to continually cultivate resilience.