Three decades of service

For over 32 years, Heidi’s Lifestyle Gardens has been creating and maintaining environmentally sound gardens, sustainable landscapes and holistic outdoor lifestyle experiences for residential, estate and commercial clients.

An organic evolution

Heidi Heiland founded “Heidi’s Lakeshore Gardens” at a time when many of her clients lived lakeside. Soon clients from all areas were attracted to Heidi’s unique designs and plant products, commitment to service and the community, informative and friendly staff, and efficient processes. What is still heard most often as a result of a relationship with us:

  • An appreciation for the added beauty in their surroundings
  • An enhanced ‘sense of place’
  • A calming effect
  • A satisfactory return on investment
  • An appreciation for our attentive staff

We know that a well-tended landscape enhances your lifestyle. Changing the name of the company to “Heidi’s Lifestyle Gardens” was an organic evolution.

Exceptional plants. Exceptional people

Today our 10,000 sq. ft. greenhouse and nursery in Corcoran, Minnesota allows us to offer exceptional plants to our clients. We either house or locate specialty plants for unique landscape projects. We cultivate Minnesota grown annuals, specialty dahlias, herbs, heirloom vegetables, tropical plants, perennials, roses, shrubs and ornamental trees.

Our fulltime, year-round crew of horticulturalists and landscape professionals are as passionate about their art as they are driven to collaborate and succeed. We feel as privileged to work with each other as we do our wonderful clients who value their beautiful environments.